Dehorty Contracting and Management Services based in Peoria Arizona is a company with a primary focus in commercial and industrial projects.
The Dehorty Contracting Team
The Dehorty Team
Jessee Dehorty
Jesse Dehorty

Operations Manager

Jesse has an extensive 30-year background in all aspects of construction and carpentry that includes new and remodel, commercial and residential construction.

Career history includes working statewide as apprentice, journeyman, foreman, superintendent and independent contractor. His experience also includes commercial and residential estimating and project management.

Jesse’s career history includes overseeing every level of commercial and residential construction in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Edward Dehorty
Edward Dehorty
Sr. Project Manager and
Equipment and Material Manager

Ed’s 50 years of experience includes all phases of commercial and residential construction and carpentry.

Career history includes independent contractor license/business in Colorado, Texas and Arizona and carries experience in commercial and residential estimating and project management. Ed’s career history began as apprentice to journeyman and later to superintendent and project manager.

He also has design and fabrication expertise in finish carpentry.

Mario Rojas
Mario Rojas

Construction and Service Manager

Mario has more than 25 years’ experience in construction and has been in the commercial trade for 18 years. He has extensive knowledge in both areas and has served as a foreman, superintendent and project coordinator. He also serves as project estimator and dispatcher.

Mario’s career history includes working every level of commercial and residential construction in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington Montana, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Dedra England
Dedra England

Office Manager

Dedra has an extensive background in office management and has comprehensive knowledge and experience in essential processes involved in the operation of a successful service/construction office.

Dedra’s experience includes all aspects of maintaining accounts, payroll, taxes, file operation, human resources and customer service.

She has an impressive history of implementing policies and procedures in the business offices of contracting companies which has contributed to their growth and success.

Jill Eaglin
Jill Eaglin

Receptionist and Office Assistant

Jill has an experienced background in customer service and as a business receptionist.

Her experience includes; phone operator, file maintenance, payroll assistance, mail distributor, and other phases of general office duties.

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