Dehorty Contracting and Management Services based in Peoria Arizona is a company with a primary focus in commercial and industrial projects.
Dehorty construction crew.
Construction Department

In addition to providing service and maintenance, Dehorty Contracting is also a full service construction company offering new project construction. From project inception to completion we provide comprehensive construction services and work as a cohesive team with architects, builders and private homeowners.

We combine the knowledge, experience, innovation, and skills of our own staff with pre-qualified and approved sub–contractors to make every job efficient and we ensure it is executed to the highest level of quality. Additionally, our organization and experience in construction allows us to adapt to changes effortlessly.

We strive to provide creative ideas, accurate timelines and precise budgets in new construction projects, while effectively communicating all phases of the project. We believe in continuous communication with our clients as projects are in progress and stay committed to customer satisfaction. In any project there must be clear communication among all participants, attention to detail and the commitment to do things the right way first. It is this way of thinking that has made Dehorty Contracting the success it is today.

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